Recipe: [Healthy three meals] balsamic vinegar baked mushrooms green beans

Home Cooking Recipe: [Healthy three meals] balsamic vinegar baked mushrooms green beans


Continue to consume green beans, this time the method is similar to dried beans, but the oil is greatly reduced, and there is no need to inhale the fumes. Use oil to control yourself according to your preference. The oil used is less dry and crisp. In addition to its contribution to taste, vinegar also acts as an antioxidant. Changed from Staceyhomemaker



  1. Oven 425 degrees Fahrenheit / 218 degrees Celsius. Bake the tin foil or silicone pad for use.

  2. Mix all the materials in the large basin, grab them by hand, pour them in the baking tray, and spread evenly.

  3. Bake for 20-30 minutes. In the middle of the roasting, take out the baking tray and mix the vegetables until it is soft. If you like to eat dry and crisp, just bake more.

  4. After roasting, taste the taste, season with salt and black pepper. You can sprinkle some nutrient yeast powder on the surface.


1, you can also add your favorite vanilla to roast, rosemary, thyme are good. 2, non-vegetarian, do not count calories, eat some Parmesan cheese when eating better. 3, the green beans are chosen to be small and tender, so good. You can also marinate for a while before baking. Or obliquely cut to facilitate the taste.

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