Recipe: Health porridge of black beans, black rice, chickpeas, etc.

Home Cooking Recipe: Health porridge of black beans, black rice, chickpeas, etc.


Because the body is getting worse and worse. In a distant foreign country, it is almost impossible to do it. So all kinds of collecting and looking for a bowl of bean porridge every day as a staple food away from fine grains! And it's still a bowl of fine grain TT that is not the same as Beijing, so every time it's a good bowl, so the rice is a small amount, just like 30 pieces of black beans is enough (counting now is now brewing ~) of course due to lack of property Every time it is a quantitative drop, but this is a very balanced bowl~ Huangqi is just added because the porridge is now in the porridge.



  1. Soak the chickpea black beans and glutinous rice in advance for at least 12 hours. Because the black beans I eat later are not so soft (of course, the pot here is rather wonderful, not too good to cook as thick as Beijing)

  2. Add a small amount of rice and black rice to the black bean garbanzo glutinous rice that has been washed before. Wash it again. Cook for 2 minutes.

  3. When cooking the pot, cut the chestnuts and red dates into small pieces. Walnuts and handkerchiefs are good. When jujube is cut, be careful. Because it is more powerful, it is not so good.

  4. Put the red dates, yellow chestnuts, chestnuts, walnuts, hazelnuts into the pot after the pot

  5. Slowly cook on low heat, usually 30min+

  6. People who love sugar can add a little sugar, but it is also sweet because it has red dates~


Absolutely healthy! ! Grandpa used to drink beforehand. Now I have to go back to the country to eat too. Eat coarse grains. Eat green vegetables. Eat sweet potato yam.

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