Recipe: Health food: raw duck egg soup

Home Cooking Recipe: Health food: raw duck egg soup


From: Live Law Children exercise at night, the damage to the body is no less than staying up late. The consequences of yin can be large or small, often have staying up late, long acne, hair loss, and even girls' skin becomes thicker, boys are weak. To toss one's own words, it is better to go to bed early in the morning and start early in the morning. "Sunrise and sunset" is very reasonable. Inevitably staying up late and working overtime, night sports, this field of stewed duck eggs, can have a remedy. Suitable for physical fitness: Yin deficiency, especially suitable for symptoms such as staying up late and yin, sports injury and yin.



  1. Wash the raw land and duck eggs into the stew pot, add some water and stew for 1 hour.

  2. After the egg is cooked, remove the shell and cook in the juice for 20 minutes.

  3. Add some sugar to taste, eat eggs and drink juice.

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