Recipe: Hazelnut crispy truffle chocolate

Home Cooking Recipe: Hazelnut crispy truffle chocolate


Layers of good taste - this truffle chocolate has four layers, chocolate cream filling with Australian hazelnut sauce, dry filling with 65% chocolate, crispy with 65% tempered chocolate and coca cola powder. After biting down the truffle ball, the bitterness and aroma of the cocoa powder burst out in the mouth, followed by the chocolate crunchy, and then the 2 layers of chocolate cream filling at the entrance; the fram powder of the flaf is very fine, although the entrance is It’s bitter, but it can be said that it’s gone for a moment. After that, it’s overheated and black, with a bit of bitterness. It’s easy to open. The smooth and dry stuffing has this thick chocolate compared to the hazelnut stuffing. There is a strong smell of scorpion.



  1. Add the chocolate and hazelnut sauce to the whipped cream and mix well (use a blender if necessary, I use the hand blender directly)

  2. Cold solidification

  3. Scoop the solidified hazelnut chocolate stuffing with a small spoon, spare

  4. Roll the hazelnut chocolate into a round shape and put it in the freezer to make a chocolate.

  5. Add the chocolate after whipping cream, melt and mix well

  6. Cool to about 28 degrees

  7. Put the hazelnut chocolate ball on the round chocolate fork, put it in the dry roll and place it on the silicone pad on the side.

  8. After all the hazelnut chocolate balls are rolled up, they are placed in the refrigerator for more than half an hour.

  9. Place the warm chocolate bowl in a pot with a water temperature of about 35°

  10. Pour a large amount of cocoa powder into a shallow dish

  11. Remove the chilled chocolate balls and continue to wrap the chocolate balls on the chocolate balls with a round chocolate fork.

  12. Put the prepared truffle balls in a shallow dish filled with cocoa powder

  13. After the chocolate on the truffle surface solidifies, swing it with a fork and wrap it in cocoa powder.


1. Hazelnut sauce I bought from Hong Kong Erdehui, a box of ms22 Hong Kong dollars / 250g, is sugary, some of the bakery shops on Taobao are sugar-free, I have not seen sugar, if no Instead of sugar nut sauce, you need to increase the amount of sugar. 2, chocolate coat must be tempered, or not to enter the degree is not so good, the temperature must be accurate, the specific temperature control method generally has a separate chocolate bar on the baking book, or go online to find a special chocolate e-book Refer to 3. If the chocolate is not solidified, wrap it with cocoa powder, and the chocolate will mix with the cocoa powder to form a chocolate lumps. 4, the remaining cocoa powder can be bagged to continue to use 5, please eat truffles as soon as possible, although it has been wrapped in a layer of thermostated chocolate, but in the chocolate stuffing, the content of whipping cream is still very high, easy to mold; if not wrapped in thermostat, then should be eaten as soon as possible, Generally, the shelf life will not exceed one month, and the mold will change. 6, chocolate fork tools Taobao many stores are available, generally 6 sets within 20, if it is three can be a lot more expensive,

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