Recipe: Hawthorn Tremella

Home Cooking Recipe: Hawthorn Tremella


On Monday, the beginning of a "porridge", like transparent tableware, see red petals like Zhu, or radiant like snow, sweet and sour taste to open the taste buds, to relax, breakfast, can also enjoy as afternoon tea ~



  1. Wash the glutinous rice into the pot and boil over the fire.

  2. When cooking rice porridge, soak the white fungus, dry clean the grapes, take a part of the cut in half, in order to penetrate the sweetness into the porridge, spare, wash the hawthorn, cut four petals, go to the nucleus

  3. Rice porridge is boiled with hawthorn, raisins, white fungus, rock sugar (I don't like to eat too sweet, because the raisins are seasoned, so I did not put it)

  4. When the hawthorn is cooked soft, use a spoon to soften half of the hawthorn, so that the taste of the hawthorn will be more adequate, and the color of the congee will be better.

  5. Rice can be cooked to the extent that you like it. (I like rice, not too bad, a little harder and taste better)


This porridge is refrigerated in the refrigerator, when the dessert is very good~

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