Recipe: Hawthorn sugar snowball

Home Cooking Recipe: Hawthorn sugar snowball


You can do it at home~ Hawthorn Sugar Snowball~ Sour sweet and super delicious! Simple and fast, I love to eat hawthorn snowballs, big hawthorn, crunchy sugar, sweet and sour, sour and sweet, delicious, sticky sugar in the pot, add a few hawthorn and a glass of water. Cook a cup of sweet and sour little sweet soup, don't be too good! Ingredients: 500 grams of hawthorn, 250 grams of sugar, 130 grams of water, 1 teaspoon of white vinegar. Tutorial: 1. Wash the hawthorn to the pedestal, drain the water, prepare all the ingredients 2, pour the sugar and water into the pot, and open the minimum fire. Hey, use a wooden shovel to mix back and forth, so as not to stick the bottom 3. After the sugar is completely melted, it will start to take a big bubble. When the water inside is dry, the big bubble becomes a small bubble, pour the white vinegar and turn off the fire. Pour into the hawthorn and stir fry until the syrup is sanded. You can pick up the sugar in the pot. Put the sugar in the pot, put in a few hawthorns, pour in a bowl of water, boil the fire, the sugar on the pot, the small sugar in the hawthorn Ok, no waste, the most critical is really super super delicious!



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Tips: 1 ⃣️ plus white vinegar helps the broth to crystallize and sand quickly! 2⃣️ Use a wooden shovel to break the hawthorn skin when you stir fry!

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