Recipe: Hawthorn apple jujube soup

Home Cooking Recipe: Hawthorn apple jujube soup


From Fan Zhihong's "Eating Your Home-cooked Cuisine", Lishan and Apple provide a lot of flavonoids and pectin. Hawthorn appetizer helps digestion, rich in vitamin C and organic acids, and promotes iron absorption. Pectin can help clear the body's heavy metals and delay the rise in blood sugar after meals.



  1. Wash apples and hawthorns, go to the stalks, go nuclear, and cut into pieces.

  2. Put the hawthorn into the pot, add the red dates, add water and boil. Add apples, cook for 25 minutes, and add sugar to taste.


Control the sourness and sweetness of the soup by adjusting the ratio of hawthorn and jujube. More stomach acid deficiency. Apples and other water are poured into the water to prevent oxidative discoloration.

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