Recipe: Hang pepper beef

Home Cooking Recipe: Hang pepper beef


I am not a very spicy person, but I still can't help but taste a chili. Hangjiao beef tenderloin is one of the mouth-watering dishes. I am very envious of people who chew peppers like chewing sugar. But because I can't eat too hot, So when I made this dish myself, I saw that the beef was not seen. This dish does not require too much material and does not require too complicated steps. The only key is to keep the beef tender and smooth. (2 servings)



  1. The beef tenderloin is sliced ​​horizontally, then the silk is cut vertically, and the soy sauce, soy sauce, black pepper powder, salt, cooking wine, starch, and oil are grasped and marinated for 20 minutes. Chilli oblique section. Onion ginger shredded

  2. Hot oil in the pot, add onion ginger, sauté, pour the marinated pork sizzling

  3. Stir fry until the meat is discolored, continue to stir fry, and cook a little salt according to the taste.


Beef tender and small tricks: 1. First of all, the selected part should be appropriate, the super beef will must choose the beef tenderloin. 2. Cut the beef by cutting it against the texture of the beef and then cutting it. 3. The cut meat should be marinated in advance. In addition to adding seasonings and starch to keep the meat fresh, oil is also essential. When the meat is in the pot, it can be quickly sautéed and not sticking. 4. The fire is sizzling, don't fry too long is one of the secrets to keep the beef tender and smooth.

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