Recipe: Handmade sesame paste

Home Cooking Recipe: Handmade sesame paste


Hold a quiet. I used the rice paste function of the soya-bean milk machine to beat the sesame paste once. In the principle of not wasting, I endured the taste of the industry. . . Think of it, find out the black sesame that was brought from home during the New Year, put it in the pot, and slowly fry it on a small fire. It’s almost like a sizzling sound. The sesame fried taste will be bitter. Cooked sesame seeds are placed in the stone stalks, and the two simmers go down, the aroma comes out, and suddenly the face has a smile. Stone smashed sesame seeds is definitely an individual's strength, and after a while there is a sweat. After the stone smashed, use a flour sieve to sieve it, filter out the fine sesame seeds, pour it back into the stone stalk, add some new sesame seeds, continue to grind Now, do you still have the patience of grinding black sesame seeds? We have only the present



  1. Raw black sesame seeds fried with sauté

  2. Grind the cooked sesame with a cooking machine or stone mortar

  3. Take one-third of the glutinous rice flour, stir fry until slightly yellowed

  4. Ground black sesame seeds, fried glutinous rice flour, add some sugar, stir evenly, it is handmade black sesame powder

  5. Put two spoons in the bowl, add water and stir well. Thick black sesame paste is ready.

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