Recipe: Ham thick egg burning

Home Cooking Recipe: Ham thick egg burning


On March 14th, I made a thick ham and egg, a thick egg with ham, and a green onion. Oh, beautiful~~ I will make a thick egg when I cook sushi next time. Come and eat. There are porridge, get up early to drink a bowl of warm stomach, drink very comfortable during this transition to the autumn season. Fruits are with cantaloupe and Tangelo, nuts with cashews



  1. Beat the eggs evenly.

  2. Ham cut diced.

  3. Onions sliced ​​onion flower.

  4. Add ham and chopped green onion to the egg and mix well.

  5. Apply a small amount of oil to the pot, simmer on low heat, pour in the egg liquid, and turn the bottom of the pot to make it round.

  6. When the egg liquid has just solidified, use a spatula to circle the egg cake from the right side until the left side.

  7. Then push the rolled egg roll to the far right of the pot. In the left position, apply a small amount of oil and pour the egg liquid.

  8. When the egg liquid is slightly solidified, roll the egg roll from the right to the left and then to the right.

  9. And so on, until you roll to the thickness you want.

  10. Cut the section with a knife and serve it immediately.


Because the ham I use has a certain salty taste, so I don't add salt. The heavy taste students can add some salt.

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