Recipe: Ham fried rice

Home Cooking Recipe: Ham fried rice


Jinhua ham fried drops, very delicious, very fragrant, oh, that is, I cut too much ham



  1. Ham diced, about the handling of ham, please see the even drop of ham stewed chicken. Cucumber peeled and cut, Shanghai green cut

  2. Put a small amount of oil in the pot, hot, first ham, stir fry until there is aroma, put the Shanghai blue and white part, turn 2 times, the next cucumber strip, and finally put the Shanghai green part, stir fry until the green leaves are discolored or soft, and it is full. spare

  3. Add a proper amount of oil to the pot and open the chopped green onion. After a little frying, put the rice and stir-fry it, then directly infuse the eggs and stir fry. Such fried rice will have white and yellow, which is more beautiful, mainly because it is more labor-saving and does not need to brush so many bowls. Stir-fried until the egg is cooked, pour the fried ham into something, turn it a few times, just fine.

  4. No need to add salt, do not add flavor to the spirit horse. Of course, if you have a heavy mouth, you can add salt. The ham is really salty and salty.


1, the ham is very salty, please be cautious 2, in fact, this addition of a pepper will be better. It is best to have fresh green peppers. Cut the peppers into small pieces or silky horses. I will add it when I pour the fried ham into the rice. Definitely delicious. Don't get old. Even people prefer to eat things that are not very familiar. Especially the vegetables

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