Recipe: Ham, cheese, egg and bean cake

Home Cooking Recipe: Ham, cheese, egg and bean cake


Many people have cooked the soymilk and dumped the filtered bean dregs. In fact, the bean dregs are also a very beneficial food. The bean dregs are rich in crude fiber, protein, unsaturated fatty acids, etc., and have lipid-lowering, prevention and treatment of constipation. Osteoporosis, hypoglycemic, weight loss and anti-cancer effects. Eating more of this kind of food can be described as a lot of benefits. In addition to the nutrition of soy, there is also a lot of fiber, for women, it is a rare food that can both lose weight and be beautiful. At the same time, it is easy to digest, low in fat and low in sugar. It is a good food for diabetics, gastrointestinal dysfunctional elderly and partial eclipse children. But the taste of eating okara is not good, adding something else will become a delicious! Today, my aunt recommended ham cheese egg bean cake.



  1. Pour the filtered bean dregs into a large bowl, add two eggs, a piece of cheese, cut into small ham sausage, a spoonful of salt, chicken essence, a little pepper, stir well

  2. Put the butter in the pan and fry until melted

  3. Pour in the fried bean dregs and fry until there is no moisture

  4. Pour the fried bean dregs into a dish or other shaped container and flatten it with a small spoon. (Some people will ask why not directly pour the bean dregs in the baking dish and cook in the oven. Believe me, I tried once, baked. Come out into a plate of dead cake, the surface is hard intermediate, soy dregs and eggs still have to be oily to eat)

  5. Finally, the buckle is on the plate and the table is ready.

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