Recipe: Ham and duck wing soup

Home Cooking Recipe: Ham and duck wing soup


Today, I will give the tube a bowl of warm-filled soup. The duck is sweet and cold, cures the blood and nourishes the stomach. It should be a good nourishment for this season.



  1. Wash the duck wings and change them into small pieces. After drowning, remove the water and wash off the floating foam.

  2. Sliced ​​ham, sliced ​​white radish, scallion, ginger

  3. Casserole is sitting in the water. After the water is opened, put the duck wings and ham in the simmer. After the fire is boiled, cook the cooking wine and simmer for one and a half hours.

  4. Put the white radish strip into the practice (3), put the salt (less put some, the ham itself has a salty taste), chicken essence, pepper, and then stew for half an hour.

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