Recipe: Halogen bait

Home Cooking Recipe: Halogen bait


The bait block is a traditional food unique to Yunnan. It is made of high-quality rice. The production process is to wash, soak, steam, smash and smash the rice into various shapes. Generally divided into three types: block, wire and piece. Production methods: burning, boiling, frying, halogen, steaming, and frying ~



  1. The bait block is steamed on the pot, and the shreds are ready for use. 2. Wash the peas into the boiling water pot and boil them for use. 3. Put the bait (if it is cold, use boiling water) and place the peas in the large bowl. Add salt, sugar, soy sauce, pepper powder, pickled sauerkraut, peanuts, and chili oil.


In addition to no fresh bait in other parts of Yunnan, you can buy vacuum packaging on Taobao, and store it for several months in cold storage.

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