Recipe: Grilled squid tea

Home Cooking Recipe: Grilled squid tea


The remaining grilled oysters of vinegar and grilled squid & cucumber make this cold noodles. The noodles are smooth and elastic, which is very suitable for hot summer.



  1. Put the pot on the stove, pour in the boiled water, add the noodles to cook (cooked time according to the instructions), boil it into the colander and rinse with cold water, wash away the batter on the surface, and cool the drain;

  2. Bake the knives and cut them into pieces, and twirling them on the microwave oven;

  3. Place the cold-fried noodles in the dish, place the grilled squid and radish seed on the surface, and pour the diluted mash.


Japanese: Sakura (i.e., matcha soba noodles) can be made by yourself. Soy sauce, oysters, and Japanese broth (cooked with bonito, kelp) are used to prepare mixed soy sauce.

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