Recipe: Grilled mushroom

Home Cooking Recipe: Grilled mushroom


Absolutely, in history, the simplest, mushroom practice. But the taste is absolutely not normal.



  1. Soft brush, brush the mushroom (a thick round mushroom) Oh ~ mushrooms, there will not be a lot of soup, but for changing the taste, other mushrooms may be OK... but here only to ensure that the mushroom is very good )

  2. Remove the mushroom handle to form a circle

  3. The circle of the handle is facing up and placed in the baking tray (as in the main picture) (I don't put salt, I see a lot of children's shoes put a little salt and black pepper, or cheese or something, they will do it, look at yourself Taste.)

  4. No need to put any seasoning, 200 degrees up and down fire for 15 minutes (in fact, this one, according to each person's oven will be different, roughly 15 minutes or so, see the soup inside the circle is mostly full)

  5. Be careful when you take it out. The thick soup in the ring of the mushroom is the most delicious part. Don’t spill it.

  6. Be careful, eat ~

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