Recipe: Green pepper stuffed with meat

Home Cooking Recipe: Green pepper stuffed with meat


The highlight is that the flesh is also placed in the flesh.



  1. I bought the big green pepper, in fact, the size does not matter, the main green pepper is thick, the green pepper is stalked, cut into a moderately sized empty spare.

  2. Xiaokaiyang is soaked in warm water, chopped, mixed with meat, put a small amount of salt, the egg is stirred evenly, and starch can be used to replace egg white.

  3. Put the mixed meat stuff into the green pepper section one by one, and make sure that the stuffing is full. After plugging, use two palms to hold the two ends and press hard. This is to avoid the meat spilling out after the pot.

  4. Cold oil in cold pan, heat to warm, put the meat in the green pepper section, one by one, medium and small fire, first all fry one side, about one and a half minutes, see some wrinkles, turn over, all fried

  5. At this time, it has been set, the shabu-shabu, let the green pepper roll freely in the pot, then put the yellow wine, soak a little, water, fire for half a minute.

  6. Hook, pay attention to the water that is not too small, some soup is delicious. Continue to burn for 30 seconds, you can go out.

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