Recipe: Green pepper shredded squid

Home Cooking Recipe: Green pepper shredded squid


The practice of green pepper fried squid is generally based on green pepper and squid, and some carrots are used as side dishes. The green pepper fried squid that I made was fried according to our local eating method and the pork, and the taste was more fragrant.



  1. Clean the viscera of the squid, tear off the purple film on the outside, cut the fish belly and flatten it with a knife to scrape the sticky material on the fish, and then clean it. {We are generally cleaned and cut out}

  2. Then cut the squid into silk, or cut into a cross-shaped squid.

  3. Cut the pork into shredded pork. Ginger, carrot, green pepper shredded, garlic smashed, onion cut into small pieces for use.

  4. Boil the hot water and pour the squid into the hot for ten seconds to pick up and drain.

  5. Hot oil pan, sauté the ginger and garlic, pour in the pork, stir fry, add some cooking wine, a small amount of salt and soy sauce, then pour in the carrot and stir fry for two minutes, then pour the squid, add a spoonful of oil, salt Stir-fry, then pour the green pepper and stir fry until the break, and then pour the green onion into the onion and stir evenly. Sprinkle the MSG on the plate.


When the squid is fried for a long time, the old fire will affect the taste, so try to master the fire and time.

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