Recipe: Green pepper fried pork ear

Home Cooking Recipe: Green pepper fried pork ear


The pig's ear is a dish I always wanted to make, because the pig's ear is soft and crisp in the mouth, it is delicious and not too greasy. It is a great dish and a favorite dish for my father. one. So when I fell in love with cooking, I always wanted to give my father a taste, but unfortunately, the pig ears have not been easy to buy, I have never seen them in the supermarket; I have also let my mother I haven't seen it in the vegetable market. Although there are pork ears in the halogen stalls, I can't make it myself. It feels different. Therefore, this year's vegetable market is hard to see the sale of raw pig ears, hurry to buy some back, prepare for the new year to cook for the father.



  1. Prepare the bulk of the pork ear: star anise, cinnamon, fennel, fragrant leaves, pepper, etc., put the small material into the seasoning steel ball

  2. Dispose of clean pig ears in a cold water pot, add seasoning steel balls, ginger slices, cooking wine, soy sauce and salt, etc., boil over high heat, turn to low heat, cook for forty minutes

  3. Cut the marinated pig's ears into small strips, then prepare the green peppers and smashed garlic cloves, cook a little vegetable oil in the pot, and sauté the green pepper and garlic cloves.

  4. The green pepper is slightly soft and then put into the pig ear strip, then add the wine, salt and pepper to stir it evenly, and put it into the dish.


1. Prepare the marinated whole material, put it into the steel ball, cool the pig's ear, and add the ginger, soy sauce and cooking wine to boil and cook for forty minutes. 2, the cooked pig ears are best soaked for one or two hours, so more flavor; 3, pig ears cut into long strips, then prepare some green pepper and garlic cloves, stir fry with oil, add salt and other seasoning. For more recipe information, please visit:

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