Recipe: Green pepper fried pork

Home Cooking Recipe: Green pepper fried pork


Green pepper shredded pork is the heart of Dad’s heart, what level of love? Let's just say, my wife can not, green pepper shreds can not eat. There used to be such a thing. On the TV, there was an advertisement for "Hainan Clear Water Bay". One man and one woman ran on the beach in the sun and walked hand in hand under the moonlight. My aunt was so excited that I must have money afterwards. Settling in Hainan, the sun, the blue sky and the blue sky are good every day! I haven't finished getting intoxicated yet. Dad is talking on the sidelines. Then I settled in Wenchang. I watched the rocket launch on the balcony every day. I drank some old white and dried green peppers and fried pork. I was so angry that I had the urge to vomit blood. ! The best life in my heart is to drink red wine in the moonlight to dance the waltz, and in his heart is to watch the rocket eat the green pepper shredded, this is too unfamiliar! ! ! I used to ask him what he likes most when he was in love with Dad. He wanted to show his hand in front of him. He said that he liked to eat green pepper shredded pork. It made me very depressed. I said that I really don’t bother to do this simple. Dish, you change a complicated point, he said no, it is green pepper. Until now, you are doing seven bowls and eight dishes every day to make a big table full of dishes, he will not be able to linger in your ear in a few days - do the green peppers for me to eat! No way, run into such a guy who burns the piano and cooks the cow, the cow chews the peony, and the best craftsmanship is no good, and people recognize it! Later, I learned that the reason why Dad likes green pepper shredded pork is because he grew up around him when he was a child. At that time, the living conditions were not very good. The best dish was the green pepper shredded pork. Now The old man is not around. He misses the taste of the green pepper, but he is actually missing his favorite cockroach. After I knew this, I didn't care about it anymore, so I made a green pepper shredded every day, and I honed the craft of this dish to make it into a god, haha! Gossip less, let me introduce the practice of this dish:



  1. Six shredded green peppers, pork tenderloin 130g shredded spare

  2. Add a spoonful of salt to the small bowl of pork, add two tablespoons of raw powder, and soak four or five drops

  3. Mix well, feel a little water when mixing unevenly, do not add soy sauce, otherwise the color will be very deep, it is not good to cook

  4. Heat the oil pan and pour in the salad oil. Don't be too little, don't be too much. If the meat is too old, it will be greasy. If you have more vegetables, it will be very greasy. Just cover the bottom of the pot.

  5. When you see the oil smoke, change the fire, pour the pork, and scatter

  6. Bring the shredded pork, leave a little bit of oil in the pot, pour in the green pepper, stir-fry in the pan

  7. Add a spoonful of salt and stir fry

  8. After adding the salt, the green pepper will stir up some water, continue to fry until the water completely evaporates, and the green pepper silk presents a relatively embarrassing state.

  9. Pour the previously fried pork

  10. Add chicken, pepper, two tablespoons of vinegar, stir fry a few times, you can start the pot

  11. The meat is tender and the green pepper is green. Is it very attractive?

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