Recipe: Green pepper bacon boletus

Home Cooking Recipe: Green pepper bacon boletus


I like to eat fungi, especially seeing hands. The eclipse of the mountain is bought by the hand, and the meat is thick and fragrant. Turn over the pattern and eat.



  1. Boletus is soaked, rinsed repeatedly to no sediment, and squeezed out of water for later use. In the water of the bacteria, you can sprinkle some salt to facilitate softening and sand removal.

  2. The green pepper is cut into the core and cut into strips. Cut the thick slices of garlic. Rinse the dried peppers and peppers, and cut the dried peppers for use.

  3. Sliced ​​bacon. If you choose Hunan bacon, the skin should be cut separately for musk seasoning. If you use a savory sausage, put the pepper carefully. The general astringent sausages have a very heavy pepper.

  4. After the oil pan is hot, the medium and small fire fragrant garlic slices, pepper, dried chili. At the same time, the bacon skin is slowly fried until the oil is returned.

  5. The bacon skin that has been oiled out can be discarded. Continue to add bacon to the incense. Add boletus stir fry. Add the bean paste and the sugar and stir well. Add the green pepper and stir fry.

  6. In the middle to the big fire, put rice wine or rice wine along the wall of the pot and cover the lid. It will take about one minute. There is really no rice wine and so on. It is also a good choice.


It is recommended to eat yummy mountain sausages, which is delicious. Green pepper can also be changed to Dutch beans or sweet beans, just as delicious. Douban sauce is not the kind of spicy in Jixian. Because bacon and so on are more salty, salt is used with caution.

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