Recipe: Green garlic squid

Home Cooking Recipe: Green garlic squid


I have done a lot of fish. I also found a small coup. I want a thin skin that is not broken. When frying fish, don’t flip it easily, or say After the fish is placed in the pot, don't touch it. If you are tempted by a small fire, you will fry a complete and beautiful fish. This principle is also suitable for cooking. Marine fish taste fresh, less stab, and good nutrition. I heard that it contains DHA, which is helpful for brain development.



  1. Wash the squid that has gone to the viscera, and evenly spread a layer of dry flour on the fish to wrap the whole fish. (The head of the carp is very small. When it is processed, it is cut vertically along the head of the fish. Then the fish head is pinched and the internal organs are pulled out together.)

  2. Put the squid into the pot, don't let it go, don't move it any more. Slowly fry it, observe the edge of the fish at any time. When the color is slightly yellow, gently shake the pot and it will follow it. The bottom has been fried and set.

  3. Turn the squid over, the same no longer move it until the yellow

  4. Another wok, add a little oil, a small fire, add dried chili, onion, ginger, stir-fry

  5. Then add water, salt, white wine, soy sauce, sugar, and boil over high heat. It’s better to have enough water to pass the fish.

  6. Add the fried squid, cover and continue to cook over high heat.

  7. Cook until the soup is thick, do not use the shovel to flip the fish at will, so that the fish is intact.

  8. Add green garlic seedlings, pull the garlic sprouts into the fish soup and smear the scent to turn off the fire.

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