Recipe: Green garlic, pork, crab, mushroom

Home Cooking Recipe: Green garlic, pork, crab, mushroom


Cute crab-flavored mushrooms, soup and stir-fry are all delicious.



  1. Wash the green garlic, cut the thin slices with a diagonal knife, wash the shredded pork tenderloin, put 1 scoop of cooking wine and ginger for 10 minutes, and serve the crab-flavored mushrooms.

  2. Put a spoonful of oil in the pot and stir-fry the tenderloin. Put salt and 1 scoop of soy sauce, moderate amount of soy sauce. Bring out the pot.

  3. Pour the oil into the pot, and then add the crab-flavored mushrooms, green garlic and fried pork, and let the seasonings and seasoning. Stir fry until cooked


Crab-flavored mushrooms must be drowned, going to pesticides and water.

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