Recipe: Green egg noodles

Home Cooking Recipe: Green egg noodles


When I am at home, I am very bored and have to eat. The trouble is that the bowl is very simple. The key is that the taste is still very good. I didn’t like to eat noodles before. Now I feel that it is not bad.



  1. First hot oil pan, fried poached egg one, while another pot of hot water, noodles boiled for half a lifetime.

  2. When the eggs are almost fried, the greens are cooked next to the pot.

  3. Let go of the pumping, I use the kitchen help, then heat the water, boil it, put in the half-cooked noodles, season, cook for a while, be sure to cook until the soy sauce taste. If you like to eat chili, you can put some chili peppers, and finally add the green leaves, or add some onions and serve.

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