Recipe: Green bean fish meal

Home Cooking Recipe: Green bean fish meal


Hubei is the province of Qianhu Lake, and Honghu is the famous land of fish and rice in the country. In the past, a song called “Honghushui, Waves and Waves” was all over the country. It also reminded people that “everyone says heaven is beautiful, how can it be better than me? Honghu fish rice township." My aunt was born in Wuhan and grew up in Honghu. She lived in the water town for 30 years. The scenery of the lotus flower in the daytime is often seen. The fishing boat sings a small tune often, so I don’t think how beautiful this place is, but Honghu The aquatic products are definitely the best in the world! A few of the country's freshwater aquaculture aunts have been to play, eat local aquatic products, how can not compare with Honghu's fat and fresh, it is recommended that friends who read this article have the opportunity to come to Honghu to play, eat Let's take a look at the food here. That's really "there is no shortage of fish in the world!" The fish in Honghu is very delicious, but the favorite dish of the aunt is the fish seed of Honghu Lake. It is hundreds of times more delicious than the fish and has rich nutritional value. Eating this dish is equivalent to eating hundreds of millions of pieces. Fish, is it very cost-effective! Green bean fish seed is a private kitchen of aunt's family, because local people are used to cooking tofu with fish roe, and my aunt doesn't like the tofu with astringency. Once, I accidentally put a plate of green beans and unfinished fish. The seeds are hot together, and they are delicious. They also remove the astringency of the fish seeds. It is really a two-pronged one. Since then, I have fallen in love with this dish. I can't pack it! In the season of fish roe, the aunt always eats and eats every day. When I eat it, my dad is annoying. (Note: He likes this dish more than I do) Hehe!



  1. The green beans are cooked in boiling water and cooked for about five minutes.

  2. Pour a little more oil into the frying pan, about a flat bottom, and heat the fire.

  3. When the oil temperature is 80% hot, change to medium heat, add the fish seeds, fry until golden on both sides, be careful when turning over, don't loosen it, use a spatula when frying, so that the middle part is evenly heated. Otherwise the middle part of the fish roe will be unfamiliar

  4. After frying, put the wok on the fire, force the oil out of the frying pan, add the ginger and garlic, dry the pepper, saute

  5. Pour the fish ingredients, add a large spoonful of bean paste and a large spoon of oyster sauce, two pots of vinegar (more vinegar, or fish roe), two tablespoons of salt, a small spoon of cooking wine

  6. Divide the fish roe into small pieces with a spatula, add the small half pot of water, and mix the ingredients and evenly

  7. Add the green beans that have been copied through the water, cover the lid and cook. (If you want the color of green beans to look good, add green beans when you start the pot. If you want green beans to taste delicious, cook with the fish seeds.)

  8. When the water is almost dried, add the chicken and stir well, then you can start the pan.

  9. Aunt uses a stone pot, but also can use a scorpion, first boil on the fire and then go to the table, so that the insulation

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