Recipe: Grass and beef stew

Home Cooking Recipe: Grass and beef stew



  1. Cut the beef into a fist-sized piece, soak it in water for half a day, remove the blood, and change the water several times.

  2. Ginger slices, grass fruit crushed

  3. Beef cold water pot, boil over high heat, boil water

  4. Pour out, rinse the net beef with hot water, and re-cook

  5. Add unfilled boiling water and ginger, grass fruit, boil over high heat

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  7. To the chopsticks, you can easily insert the beef, add the right amount of salt, and continue to cook for half an hour.

  8. It can be sliced ​​directly or combined with other vegetables to make other dishes.


Tips: It is best to wait until the stewed beef is naturally cool and then sliced ​​to form easily. It is better after being refrigerated in the refrigerator. When you cut it, you must reverse the grain and don't cut it.

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