Recipe: Grain crisp

Home Cooking Recipe: Grain crisp


Songren corn is familiar to everyone~~~ This routine can make a lot of simple and delicious quick-food dishes. This is one. Looking at the good mood, eating sweet and crisp is also healthy.



  1. Carrots and crispy yam are peeled and cut into small pieces. Wash the cucumber, go to the thorn but not the skin, but also cut into small Ding. Wash and drain the sweet corn.

  2. Pour a little olive oil into the pot and heat it. Stir in the carrot and sweet corn, then stir fry the yam. Finally, change the low heat and stir the cucumber.

  3. Transfer a little salt and sugar and mix thoroughly.

  4. Open a big fire, transfer the water starch to a thin simmer, and pan out.


1. The speed of cooking and the effluent of 4 kinds of vegetables are different, so it is necessary to fry them. Cucumber is the easiest to effluent, and finally put it. 2, thinning 芡 can better absorb the water that is fried, to prevent more water from the dish. Of course, if you want to be more sweet, you can add some milk to thicken. 3, fast-fried and fast-food, do not love to fight. 4, other things can still be, such as pine nuts ah ~

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