Recipe: Goose palm buckle sea cucumber

Home Cooking Recipe: Goose palm buckle sea cucumber


New Year’s Eve



  1. The goose's palm cut off the calluses and nails, and after washing, it can be fished out after boiling water. Rinse with water, put in cold water and put it in the refrigerator for more than 10 hours.

  2. Put the sea cucumber in the water, then clean it to remove the internal organs.

  3. Take the goose's palm out of the refrigerator, wash it with water, use the kitchen paper to dry the water (must dry it!!), then use the 80% hot fried golden shape to remove the drain.

  4. Wok hot oil sautéed ginger and garlic cloves

  5. After the incense, put a piece of pork in a can of pork

  6. Add the abalone sauce and oyster sauce to saute, then add in the goose's palm and stir-fry, so that each goose's palm is evenly seasoned.

  7. Add the water without the goose's palm, then put all the unused seasonings except brown sugar and starch. Boil the fire and cook for one hour.

  8. After boiling for one hour, thick the soup and add the prepared sea cucumber. Stir fry for a few minutes and then cook for 10 minutes, then remove the sea cucumber and goose.

  9. Turn off the fire, add the remaining broth and put in brown sugar according to your taste.

  10. Add water starch and mix well, then boil and boil until the soup is thick and thick.

  11. Rape or cabbage is cooked in advance with boiling water

  12. Take the plate, a plate with a goose palm, a sea cucumber, a canola dish, and then pour the boiled soup, one person a plate

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