Recipe: Golden shrimp tofu cake

Home Cooking Recipe: Golden shrimp tofu cake


I can't put it down - golden shrimp tofu cake Sharon loves tofu, and when he has nothing to do, he will make tofu. Can he come to a tofu dinner later? This time, the tender tofu is combined with the delicious shrimp and sweet corn kernels. Wrapped in crumbs, crunchy, bite down, slamming, followed by hot tofu juice and shrimp with delicious teeth, which makes people love it. Does it feel like the picture inside "Chinese Little Master" - a kind of feel floating in the clouds



  1. The north tofu is cooked and ground into mud, and the shrimp is 100g mixed with mud and bean curd. In addition, 100g is cut into diced and added to the bean curd.

  2. Add eggs, corn, pepper, salt, sugar, and water starch to the tofu and mix well.

  3. Take a proper amount of bean curd and poke it into a ball shape and then flatten it into a small cake. Stick the bread crumbs on both sides.

  4. Pour a little more cooking oil into the pot, heat the oil to about 80%, add the tofu cake and fry to the golden side.

  5. After the fish is removed, use the kitchen paper to dry the excess oil.


1. Tofu must be drained, otherwise it is difficult to form. 2. Shrimp can also be replaced with other meats, such as chicken breast. 3. According to your personal taste, you can also add mushrooms, green beans and so on.

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