Recipe: Golden egg frying

Home Cooking Recipe: Golden egg frying


When you buy it, you can't eat it. The change pattern can be fried and the taste can be fried.



  1. Cut the slice from 5mm to 10mm thick;

  2. Take the eggs into the bowl, mix the whole egg mixture and season with a little salt;

  3. Dip the taro slices into the egg mixture and evenly wrap the eggs on both sides;

  4. Put the pan, pour the olive oil into the pan, wait for the oil to heat up, and pour the tart slices soaked in the egg into a pan;

  5. When frying the taro slices, one side can be slightly fried for a longer period of time to be shaped and turned over, and both sides can be fried until golden.


The fried taro slices can also be served with meat crisps or a variety of sauces.

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