Recipe: Gold crispy fried chicken feet

Home Cooking Recipe: Gold crispy fried chicken feet


Snacks that are very popular in KTV in Kunming are always addictive, listening to others singing, and licking their chicken feet next to them, the nature of eating goods is unobstructed! Ktv is very expensive, so I went home to study it, more meat than ktv, crisp outside, inside is a gluten, eaters who love chicken feet must try! This dish is very simple, it is a little thrilling when it is fried~~ will fry the pan, be extra careful!



  1. The chicken feet are bought and washed with water, cut in half from the middle, dried and dried (or dried), and white pepper and salted for half an hour.

  2. Beat an egg in a large bowl and mix well with the right amount of starch.

  3. Pour the chicken feet into a bowl of eggs and starch and mix well to ensure the chicken feet are stained with starch and egg

  4. Pour the oil in the pan. (A little more can be fried once, the oil can be fried in two or three times to ensure crispy.) The fire will turn to a small fire after the oil temperature rises. Pour the chicken feet and cover the fried (must cover the lid). Otherwise, fry it and splash around!), flip the chicken claws once or twice.

  5. The small fire has been fried to become golden yellow, and it is obvious that after attaching a layer of crispy skin on the chicken feet, the pot can be panned and sprinkled with chili. (Use oil-absorbing paper to absorb excess oil and make it taste fresher)


1, must be covered with fried! 2, after the pot, first use the kitchen paper to absorb oil! 3, the chili noodles is a direct supermarket to buy a taste of a single mountain water or spicy 1 +1 and so on 4, with a bottle of ice beer, 嗨 吧!

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