Recipe: Gold cheese seaweed coconut skein

Home Cooking Recipe: Gold cheese seaweed coconut skein



  1. The butter softens at room temperature in advance to the extent that fingerprints can easily occur with one finger press

  2. Beat the butter with a whisk

  3. Add the mixture of fine granulated sugar and salt twice, mix well and add the other half and mix until the butter is bulky, whitish and delicate.

  4. The egg yolk is added to the butter paste three times, and each time it is mixed, it is added again.

  5. Add the milk to the butter paste twice, then mix well and add it again until the butter paste and milk are evenly mixed.

  6. Mix gold cheese powder, milk powder and low-gluten flour, sift into the butter paste, and mix with a squeegee to a smooth and smooth

  7. Add coconut shreds and mix well. Add seaweed powder and mix well.

  8. Weigh the semi-finished products and divide them into 30 pieces, one by one into a small round ball and put it into a baking sheet covered with tarpaulin.

  9. Preheat the oven to 180 degrees while licking the coconut skein

  10. Baked: 180 degrees, middle layer, open and fire for 17 minutes


A small, slightly salty ball is great for afternoon tea. Next to the bottle of yellow, is coconut milk mango cool, made by yourself, real material.

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