Recipe: Gold cheese biscuits

Home Cooking Recipe: Gold cheese biscuits


I bought gold cheese powder a while ago and I have been eager to try something to see and taste. It started in a sunny afternoon.



  1. Butter at room temperature, add sugar powder and salt

  2. Mix well with egg, use a scraper.

  3. Put in whole egg liquid and continue to mix well

  4. Low-gluten flour + cheese powder

  5. Evenly blended with cheese powder and flour

  6. Sift into the mixed butter and mix well with a spatula

  7. Put in the fragrant and continue to mix well

  8. After kneading the dough, wrap it in a fresh-keeping bag

  9. After rolling into a large dough, roll it up from top to bottom.

  10. Then wrap the plastic wrap into the refrigerator and freeze to hard. It takes a long time to refrigerate, and it takes a relatively short time to freeze.

  11. Cut into pieces about 1cm thick, the code is placed in the baking tray

  12. Put it in the upper layer of the preheated oven at 180 degrees (my oven is a large oven, a total of five floors, from the top to the bottom of the second layer), fire up and down, 10 minutes


1. The taste of the biscuit is salty, with a cheesey aroma, and the taste is quite obvious. 2. The more chewy the cookie is, the more addictive it will be. But the taste is also special, see if you can accept its uniqueness. 3. The taste is very satisfying, and the color is not as strong as the free sister's family. 4. Put the dried shallot and parsley. If you like, you can put other herbs, huh, huh.

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