Recipe: Glutinous rice soy milk

Home Cooking Recipe: Glutinous rice soy milk



  1. After the mung bean and glutinous rice are washed, they are put into the soymilk machine; (I have soaked in advance several times, I think the taste is better when I soak, look at each person, such as a lazy person, too lazy to soak beans)

  2. Add water to the upper and lower water line

  3. Select the rich fiber soy milk function and press the start button! It’s ok in fifteen minutes.


1. If it is a common soymilk machine, the beans must be hugged in advance, then add water to make juice, then heat it! 2, cooked soy milk can be directly consumed, I feel very fragrant, a little bit of bean flavor, you can also adjust honey! 3, hot drinks can be, after cooling, put the refrigerator in the refrigerator for a while, made ice soy milk, you will find it is a delicious!

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