Recipe: Glutinous rice / risotto

Home Cooking Recipe: Glutinous rice / risotto


;-) Wenzhou people from snacks to the big breakfast - glutinous rice, with soy milk dry and thin mix just right. The money sold from childhood to five or six is ​​even more expensive. Now I have to go home and have more to eat. Put a lot of minced mushrooms and fritters, pour a little more juice, and eat it all during the day~



  1. Wash glutinous rice and soak for four hours

  2. Pour water into the rice cooker, spread a clean cloth on the steamer, drain the glutinous rice and steam it, and cover the cloth around the glutinous rice. Steamed and boring for a while.

  3. Dry shiitake mushrooms, wash the hair, go to Ticedin (water left in the mushroom), minced meat (usually three-point fat and seven-point lean meat), cut into pieces (small), onion and minced

  4. Hot pot pour the oil, put in the mushrooms and stir fry

  5. Smell the smell of mushrooms, add the minced meat, stir fry, add sugar and cooking wine, add water to the mushrooms, if not enough, add some water.

  6. After the fire is boiled, it will be cooked for a while, and the meat will be cooked. Leave some juice on the rice and it is very fragrant.

  7. Bring a bowl of rice, put on the fritters, pour the mushrooms and minced meat, sprinkle with chopped green onion. Finished!


1. Glutinous rice is not easy to digest, so don't eat too much. 2. Some people add waxy sausage, fluffy pine, dried radish, etc. I think it is best to add glutinous rice fried rice or glutinous rice balls, and glutinous rice is the best for mushroom minced meat. The most fragrant when sprinkled with chopped green onion. 3. The time of immersion in glutinous rice spring and winter can be changed. It’s been taught by my mother for a while, and I don’t know the principle of God.

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