Recipe: Gluten-style meat cabbage soup

Home Cooking Recipe: Gluten-style meat cabbage soup


The cabbage season eats Chinese cabbage~~~ The weather is getting colder and colder, the warm cabbage soup warms up the warm stomach and warms the heart~~~~



  1. And minced meat - stir the eggs evenly, pour in the right amount of various seasonings and diced green onion and taro.

  2. Chop the oil gluten with chopsticks, rotate the chopsticks to hollow out the oil gluten, stuff the hollow oil gluten into the meat, and put it all on the side.

  3. Cut the cabbage from the middle, wash the upper part of the leaves, and cut the width of the silk vertically.

  4. Fan wash

  5. Put a proper amount of water in the pot to heat the ginger, and then put the gluten into the pot, and cover the lid for 15 minutes. Then, under the cabbage and fans, put a little salt and chicken.


Fresh, gluten soft, salty and fragrant. . . .

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