Recipe: Ginger candy

Home Cooking Recipe: Ginger candy



  1. I put the ginger into a mud. I am too lazy to cut the red dates. After I go to the nuclear, I put it directly on the cooking machine. It’s not too broken.

  2. Mix the sesame oil with the corn oil, put in a hot pot, pour the ginger into the oil after the oil is hot, stir evenly and scent

  3. Thick and pop a lot of bubbles, pour everything except sesame, keep stirring

  4. Pour the sesame seeds twice and stir vigorously. At this time, there are many things in the pot that are difficult to stir. It doesn't matter, evenly stir it.

  5. Put a plastic wrap on the plate, put some oil on it, then put the ginger sugar out, then wipe the cold water with a rolling pin to start flattening the ginger sugar, and finally cover it with a layer of plastic wrap.


I refer to the two recipes and everyone's comments made, my mother and I are super love this, much like gelatin cream, but very cheap, don't worry about buying fake gelatin, the overall cost is still small, perfect! When I finally processed ginger sugar, I used a scraper, which was not sticky, and it was better to clean up.

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