Recipe: Ginger bump

Home Cooking Recipe: Ginger bump


I have done a lot of ginger bumps, and I finally succeeded today! very happy...



  1. Take a large piece of ginger and squeeze out the ginger juice. After filtering, pour it into the container. Pour the milk into the pot, add the whole milk powder and sugar, stir evenly, and heat until the boiling point is not boiling.

  2. Heat the milk to a suitable temperature (75 ° ~ 80 °), then into the ginger juice, do not stir, do not move, let stand for about 5 minutes to solidify.


The key to success is twofold: 1. The experience of adding whole milk powder makes sense. The protein content in milk increases, which helps to coagulate. If you don't add milk powder, you must use milk with high fat content. The temperature of the milk into the ginger juice is also very important. I borrowed the method of pouring milk. I poured the heated milk into another pot and poured it back into the original pot. This was repeated 10 times and then rushed into the ginger. In my juice, my own experience is that when milk and ginger juice are mixed, the effect of "collision" should be highlighted, and the rapid and high-speed rapid rushing in, the ginger juice at the bottom of the bowl will be highly mixed with the milk, making the coagulation successful. The rate is higher.

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