Recipe: Ginger and chiffon cake

Home Cooking Recipe: Ginger and chiffon cake


Formula handling: Arai Satoshi "Beginners are also ok! Hurricane cakes of their own workmanship formula" P53 If you can accept ginger taste and taste, please grind the skin together. In the cold winter, be sure to enjoy it with honey citron tea! 1 tsp = 5cc, 1 tbsp = 15cc, egg = L size (net weight 60g) 1 tsp weak finger no more than 1 tsp is the specific step to refer to the original hurricane cake /101769449/



  1. Preparation: 1. Refer to the basic practice of hurricane cake. (See the introductory link) 2. Ginger is even ground into a mud.

  2. Make egg yolk paste: Pour the egg yolk into the steel basin, first add the rapeseed oil, then pour in the water and ginger and mix well. After the low-gluten flour is sieved again, pour all at once and mix well with the egg beater.

  3. Then follow the next steps to prepare the baking.

  4. Baking time: 17cm hollow mold, 180 degrees fire, about 25 minutes. 20cm hollow mold, 180 degrees fire, about 30 minutes.

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