Recipe: Ge powder peach gum

Home Cooking Recipe: Ge powder peach gum


Peach gum has the effect of clearing blood and lowering fat, has a light taste, and has sufficient water solubility and proper viscosity. It is very suitable for dessert; plus the newly purchased Pueraria powder after autumn, made sweet and jingle, staying up late, sleeping Before eating, it nourishes and does not increase the burden on the stomach.



  1. Pour the arrowroot powder into a bowl, add 1 teaspoon of cold boiled water, and adjust to a paste-free paste;

  2. Pour 150-180ml of boiling water into the bowl, while stirring with a spoon to make the arrowroot powder into a transparent paste;

  3. Add 1 scoop of pre-cooked peach gum, top with honey and mix well.


This season needs to moisturize and dry, you can pre-cook a little peach gum, used to stew pears, boiled white fungus soup, etc.; the method is: take 50 grams of peach gum, add about one liter of water to make a bubble for one night (the volume can probably Increase the size by 10 times), carefully remove the black (small particles) impurities on the surface, rinse with water and boil for 20 minutes; add sugar, or season with other materials; store in a clean container. can. Pueraria powder has both medicinal value and nutritional health benefits; especially for women, the high active isoflavones rich in Pueraria can effectively regulate endocrine, improve skin tone, and significantly reduce or reduce acne and facial wrinkles. . Do you have acne on your face? When you rush every night, use a little water to adjust the dry powder to a non-granular paste. Use your fingers to pick up the oatmeal paste on the affected area, then use the boiling water to prepare the powder. The acne will leave quietly and the complexion on your face. Will slowly return to purity...

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