Recipe: Garlic stir-fried with chives

Home Cooking Recipe: Garlic stir-fried with chives


The easiest thing is that it is the hardest to do well. It is easy to do the cooking of the leek at home. It can keep the color of the green, and make the dish slippery without smashing. In fact, raw stir-fry is also very delicious, try it.



  1. Pick the leaves of the leek and leave the part of the stem

  2. Garlic cistanche

  3. Put the right amount of peanut oil, put the garlic into the pan

  4. When you feel that the pot has a certain amount of heat, stir the dish evenly in the pan.

  5. 7 add sesame oil when mature, stir-fry pepper evenly

  6. Finally add oyster sauce or abalone sauce and stir fry on the saucer.


Garlic bursts to yellowish and can't be burned. Don't add pot lid, don't add water, don't stay in the pot after cooking. It should be raised immediately. The taste is light and heavy, just adjust the amount of oyster sauce or abalone juice without adding salt.

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