Recipe: Garlic scented (garlic moss)

Home Cooking Recipe: Garlic scented (garlic moss)


Garlic chop meat is the most classic clam. . .唉 Why should I say this here? . The fragrant dried is also good, very simple, very fragrant



  1. Sliced ​​garlic, sliced

  2. Hot oil pan, medium heat, first stir the fragrant dried stir fry for a while, the skin is golden, then stir fry with garlic

  3. Pay attention to the heat, don't open too much easy paste, medium and small fires continue to sauté the garlic, until the garlic is not so hard, the next pumping, sugar, a little old soot continues to stir fry

  4. After the next pumping, it is easy to paste the pot. If it is too dry, add a little water, cover the lid, and suffocate for a minute or so. If the garlic is cooked, it will be out of the pot. It can't be long, or it will be yellow.

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