Recipe: Garlic sand tea ribs

Home Cooking Recipe: Garlic sand tea ribs


#找的味道的味道# Another typical tidal home-cooked dish, a mother from a boy's shoes. Boys shoes are in love with the taste of this dish, just come to work from home to ask the mother's secret recipe. Therefore, this dish is a hundred and a hundred, not afraid of unsuccessful oh ~ even boys will do it, girls are still afraid of what ~ With fragrant rice and Chaozhou phoenix single 枞 tea, it is especially delicious~ The secret sand tea sauce is here



  1. The garlic is cut into granules, the ribs are broken into small pieces, washed, all the ingredients are mixed together, and marinated for half an hour.

  2. Place it on the top of the rice cooker or in a boiling water pot, steam for about 20 minutes, or steam until cooked.

  3. Began to eat

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