Recipe: Garlic, oyster sauce, lettuce

Home Cooking Recipe: Garlic, oyster sauce, lettuce



  1. Garlic chopped into garlic

  2. Wash the lettuce clean, burn a pot of water, the amount of water is not over lettuce, put the lettuce into the water, put 1 teaspoon of oil, press the lettuce with chopsticks, let the lettuce heat evenly; after the water is boiled again, the lettuce has been Turn all the color, pick up and drain the water

  3. Hot pot, put a small amount of oil, put it into the garlic and scent

  4. Pour in oyster sauce, add sugar, stir fry evenly

  5. Sautéed garlic cloves topped with lettuce on drained water

  6. When you eat, mix the garlic clams with the lettuce and eat.


1: Lettuce is easy to cook, not cooked too well. Open the dish with water, keep the fire, and boil the water again, basically it will be fine; 2: If you don't like the taste of garlic, then put the oil directly, it is also very good, I personally prefer the taste of garlic; 3: Do not put too much sugar, otherwise it will be too sweet, you can use chicken essence instead, mainly for fresh, not letting; 4: If you don't like too much oyster sauce, you can put some salt in the cooking, and finally you can reduce the amount of oyster sauce.

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