Recipe: Garlic Loofah Steamed Fan

Home Cooking Recipe: Garlic Loofah Steamed Fan


A small fresh series of garlic and loofah steamed fans, a simple and easy to cook home cooking. The loofah contains vitamin B, whitening the skin's vitamin C and other ingredients, can protect the skin, eliminate plaque, make the skin white, delicate, is a rare beauty, so the loofah juice "beauty water".



  1. Fans use warm water to make a good hair, cut into sections in the dish, topped with soy sauce and grab evenly, let the fans into a low taste.

  2. Loofah peeled and cut into sections, cut loofah can not be placed, soak in water, otherwise it is easy to black.

  3. Preparation conditions: chopped onions, garlic chopped.

  4. Heat the oil pan, pour in half of the garlic, stir fry until golden brown, and mix with the raw garlic and simmer the oil and red pepper slices and mix well, called gold and silver garlic.

  5. Then start the oil pan, stir fry the loofah in the pan, which is more delicious. Put a little salt, put it out, put it on a loofah and put it in a circle.

  6. The golden and silver garlic and pepper slices are drenched in a loofah, steamed on a steamer for 5 minutes, and finally topped with steamed fish oyster sauce. OK!

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