Recipe: Garlic codfish

Home Cooking Recipe: Garlic codfish


Ok, I am coming to seduce you again [shy] The key tonight's garlic silver squid tastes too successful, I am absolutely sorry to everyone! The result of neutralizing several recipes, the taste is superb, the tenderness is more than I think about it, in the words of my villain: Mom, the fish you made today is a big success! ! Ps: Add one sentence, for those who like garlic, after eating the fish, the remaining soup with white rice is definitely a meal, and each time you add a half bowl.



  1. 1: After the fish is naturally thawed, use kitchen paper to dry the water. You can wipe it twice more. Apply a proper amount of cooking wine and half a teaspoon of salt. Place it for half an hour. 2: Half a lot of garlic and a small bowl of mud. Spoon the olive oil on the garlic to make it scent (for those who don't like spicy food, you can put the olive oil in the pot and turn off the heat, then put the garlic into the sauce, let the garlic scent for a little longer, reduce Spicy) 3: The marinated fish is being smeared with the right amount of oil. Put it on the plate, smeared the freshly baked garlic on the surface, seal it with fresh plastic film, steam on the cold water pot, continue to steam for 15 minutes after boiling, turn off the heat. Then suffocate for 5 minutes 4: Take out, sprinkle with chopped green onion, add spicy red pepper to the spicy, add a little bit of flavor, hot spoonful of oil poured on the chopped green onion [fangs]


About the dosage: One spoon here is the porcelain spoon used for porridge at home, and one small spoon is a small spoon in the salt shaker.

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