Recipe: Garlic chopped chili sauce

Home Cooking Recipe: Garlic chopped chili sauce


The garlic, the chili sauce, the Sichuanese, the people of Guizhou and Hunan can eat spicy, not afraid of spicy, not afraid of spicy, afraid of not spicy. Few people know that Guangxi people also like to eat spicy food. The garlic chili sauce produced in Guilin is listed as Guilin Sanbao along with Sanhua wine and fermented bean curd.



  1. Wash the peppers and dry the water. This is very important. If the pepper is mixed with raw water, it will become sour and moldy.

  2. The garlic is peeled, the ginger is also washed, and the water vapor is dried. If you pay attention to it, you can remove the skin of the ginger. When you are a child, you don’t peel it at home, so I don’t do this step.

  3. The dried chili is chopped, I am lazy, I use a crusher, the effect is almost the same, mainly to save trouble.

  4. Garlic and ginger are also put into the machine to make velvet

  5. Put the pepper, garlic, ginger, salt, sugar and wine in a clean, oil-free bowl and mix well to bottle.

  6. After one or two weeks of fermentation, you can open it and eat it.

  7. Put a little more salt and wine, which is good for long-term maintenance. It is used to cook cooking stir-fried dishes, and the red color is especially appetizing.

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