Recipe: Garlic chives

Home Cooking Recipe: Garlic chives


Pour the broth of the leek into the rice and mix well. The rice immediately presents a good-looking red color, which is not unassuming but absolutely fascinating. The leek soup is the magician of rice. After it is spotted, every rice has become exceptionally horrible~~~ When I was young, as long as there was such a bowl, I would have a good meal at that meal. Of course, not just me. . . Brothers and sisters in Hubei, who had not eaten such a bowl of red rice when they were young? When I was a child, what was wrong with this? ? ? This is the mouth of Hubei Haodu—[Garlic leeks / leeks soup rice]



  1. Red leeks go to the old stalks and choose to clean them in small sections. Soak them in light salt water for about 15 minutes, remove the drained water.

  2. Garlic chopped into small pieces

  3. Hot pot, oily, fried with garlic and sautéed

  4. Pour the red leeks into the drained water and stir until soft. Add a little sugar and season the salt.


PS: 1. Add some sugar to the vegetarian dish to refresh. 2. When you fry, turn the pan fast, and stir it up. Be careful not to fry for a long time, otherwise the leek will become soft and soft. 3. Don't waste the soup cooked with leek, mix rice like childhood, or use it to make a red rice ball.

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