Recipe: Ganoderma lucidum lotus seed keel soup

Home Cooking Recipe: Ganoderma lucidum lotus seed keel soup


Lovers often write late at night, and sometimes they are wanted overnight. I am very distressed by his body. Searching for a lot of nourishing ingredients and careful soup is one of the most important things I have every day.



  1. First smash the sturdy keel, remove the floating squid and remove the water to wash it.

  2. Bring water to the pot, add ginger, keel, put the lotus lily that has been soaked for half an hour in the water, add the dried ganoderma lucidum, boil

  3. After boiling, move to the electric pressure cooker and select the “meat” file. After half an hour, it will be fine. Naturally cool down, open the lid and put a proper amount of salt to taste.


The taste of Ganoderma lucidum is a little bit bitter, and the amount of it should not be much. Better stewed with water

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