Recipe: Frozen yogurt cheesecake

Home Cooking Recipe: Frozen yogurt cheesecake


You can make delicious cakes without using the oven, so come and try it without a detail map.



  1. Digest the biscuits into a fresh-keeping bag and mash them. It is best to use a cooking machine to break them.

  2. Put the butter in the microwave in the bowl and heat it for one minute until it is melted. Add the biscuits and mix them evenly on the bottom of the 8-inch mold. After flattening, put them into the refrigerator and freeze them.

  3. After the cream cheese softens at room temperature, it is smooth and water-free. It is added to the milk, and the sugar is beaten for a minute at a low speed to make them blend together; the gelatin tablets are softened by cold water.

  4. Add the gelatinized cheese to the creamy cheese paste and add a yolk, rum, lemon juice, and mix well into a cheese paste.

  5. Add yogurt to the cheese paste and mix well to make a yogurt cheese paste.

  6. 200 grams of whipped cream added 20 grams of fine sugar to the distribution of six or seven, that is to say, there is a texture, add yogurt cheese paste and mix well

  7. Mix the whipped cream with the yogurt cheese paste and mix well, then put the butter biscuits into the mold about 15 cm from the table.

  8. You can take off the mold in the refrigerator for four hours.


It is suitable for the 8-inch mold. If it is not easy to take off, you can take it off with a warm towel.

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